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Platser att träffa ladies nyaste

Because we wanted to inspect some low bridges and critical passages of the canal, we went to France by car already in February. After spending a couple of weeks by our daughter´s family in Lille, we drove to Les Sables d´Olonne where Ayfer was built at Alubat Yard. By this time there were already some clusters of covid in the eastern parts of France. During a visit at Alubat Yard, we told about our plan to take Ayfer to the Atlantic coast, and sell her there after sailing for a season or two in the French Atlantic waters. In La Rochelle we visited Europe´s largest marina and got to know that you can be lifted up for maximum two weeks on the hard — the boats stay in the water all year round which is not so good for us who always want to lift the boat out of the water for the winter. After a night in Bordeaux we started to inspect Canal de Garonne, that is the first part of the canal leading to the Mediterranean. During two rainy days and one with bright sunshine we inspected a lot of bridges and locks and beautiful small villages and towns along the canal. After these days we had drawn two conclusions: 1 We want to sail along Canal du Midi, but 2 we will do it onboard a rental boat!

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Inom snart år har parfym tillverkats inom Grasse. Ett hantverk som nu hyllas av hela världen eftersom parfymtillverkningen kommit med på Unescos världsarvslista. Ett nytt världsarv att besöka Efter 10 år av lobbying har parfymtillverkningen i Grasse kommit med på FN-organet Unescos världsarvslista. I snart år har det tillverkats parfym i den lilla staden gällande kullarna utanför Cannes. I dag är det cirka 3 personer som är anställda inom parfymindustrin i Grasse. Allting från blomsterodlare till parfymörerna, med avta känsliga och skolade näsor, som skapar nya dofter.

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Results from Young in Värmland and Young in Karlstad. Results from Young in Värmland Results from Young in Värmland. Redovisar resultat från Ung inom Värmland En undersökning som använt frågor från Ung i Värmland. Results from Young in Karlstad

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