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C jag börjar upptäcka Six Feet Under. Jag skrattar och gråter om vartannat. Ni vann pris på Gaygalan och var där och tog emot priset. Hur hade ni det på Cirkus?

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This dictionary comes to you through nice people making it available for free and for good. This project aims to make translating dictionaries available åkte free. Your contributions are welcome! We are back to version from before Michael Bunk's re-import from Ergane of that was rolled back due to Ergane's cryptic change of database licensing. Multi-word equivalents should be split ort spaces. And it looks like their headwords only keep the 1st word check out All.

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Translated by Melinda Sulkama. When, in the spring ofI established Stilton Literary Agency, the first independent literary agency in Finland, my experience as a literary agent was modest, to put it nicely. My view of working arsel an agent was mostly based on what I had seen while working on the other side of the desk, as a buyer of publishing rights. Based on this experience, Inom had a clear vision of how client meetings should not be handled: half-heartedly, indifferently or by jadedly skipping through the book catalogue. I also understood that if I, as a newcomer, wanted to get an audience with the large publishing houses, Inom needed to stand out in the crowd. As an agent of a small linguistic area, not even an expo meeting with a publisher was a given.

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